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The confusion of what colors to choose for my dorm is real. I have grey slippers and a pinkish robe so far but I’m trying to decide what color comforter. I know I want earth tones, warmer tones, green plants, I love neutrals and oranges. I want it to be cozy and homey. Images fromContinue reading “dorm”


Let me play out my past and future couple of weeks for you: Last week: tech week aka hell week for the musical featuring staying at school until 10:30 Monday and Tuesday and complete with emotional trauma and a panic attack Last weekend: four shows, one on Friday, two on Saturday, one on Sunday followedContinue reading “time”

attack (TW)

It’s crazy that something you thought you moved on from can come up and really bother you. From 8th grade to sophomore year I was friends with this person. Let’s call him Lee. Lee was suicidal and hurt himself often. I talked him out of his plans and out of a lot of dark andContinue reading “attack (TW)”

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